Why I Have No Money

So Lately I have been trying to work out – Why Do I Never Have Any Money – Ever?


It’s true, I just never have any money left over at the end of the month. Hell, sometimes I don’t even have any in the middle of the month and there has to be a reason why dammit!!


I have checked out quite a few articles about being broke and I think I have come up with at least an idea; admittedly it is a little wacky but bear with me.


Money is not real, it is all in the mind


Now before you think I’m crazy, think about it for a while. Have a look around your room, look at the bed, or the table or whatever – before that object was built it started out in somebodys mind!

Everything starts from the mind, a concept, an idea or a thought.. and often these thoughts were formulated early on in life, especially from your parents and upbringing


And that’s when I realised I was fucked..


Because my upbringing mainly consisted of a complete diet of scarcity, lack of ambition and ‘putting up with your lot’


Somebody was explaining to me recently the big difference between private and state school. In state school you are taught numbers by adding up 3 apples with 2 more apples. In private school you are taught by adding 3 luxury cars with 2 more luxury cars.


It’s the mindset you are taught that counts – in private school they are taught to lead, to be somebody – it is a conditioning of the mind to find in at the top rather than drag yourself around the bottom – Aldous Huxley would have a field day


So I need to change my mindset rather than anything else – no more excusing myself for living but I a,m now going to convince myself that I can, should and will be rich – then just a quick trip to the best financial advisers I can find



My Freebie Wins

Well, I’m sorry Mr English postie but this seems a great month for the freebies and competition wins !

At the beginning of the month, I got an email (along with two other people off the same freebie site !) saying :

Congratulations you have won a runners up prize of Vega’s Winterboost containing Echinacea, Propolis and Vitamin C, worth £13.24 each. This should be with you in the next week or so.


On the 3rd, I got an email saying :

Thank you for entering the quick quiz in the PMC competition. And
congratulations, your mini-mould is on it’s way to you!

Apologies for the delay…. this month was much busier that we had expected
so this little quiz sat on the back-burner for a while!

Kind regards,

Robert Earls

Not too sure what this one is – it’s for Precious Metal Clay moulds (for making earrings and things ???)

Ebay here we come, I think !!!

Yesterday I won a Tshirt but it looks like the website is screwy and tells everyone they won, whereas they’re only supposed to have 250 to give out !

And today I discovered I’ve won a Dirty Dancing CD My name is on the list and I didn’t even know, someone from the freebie site pointed it out !!!

So we’re having our own competition on the freebie and competition site to see who can win the most competitions between us – believe it or not, I’m not in the lead !!!


I got them from Freecycle.org – give them a go

Even better is the news that I have just had an offer accepted on my new house!

Must give a shout out to Findadviser for their free mortgage advice which helped me find the house of my dreams!



What A Load Of Crap!

America Is In A Crap Load Of Trouble!


sewer systems


No BS – America has a problem it has to deal with soon!



The next time that you head to the bathroom and flush, you need to have a think about what you are doing.


America has a big problem with its sewer systems; they are old and they are worn out and that means big problems for a lot of Americans and that is no the simple fact.


For those folks not lucky enough to have their own Septic Tank System the sewer system of America is literally getting flushed away


This is causing problems for the Rivers in the USA, the people of America and the environment as a whole 


One thing is for sure, and that is the whole system needs a major overhaul and it needs it soon otherwise we will all be in the you know what

sewer systems

In New York , this has resulted in one of the worst and most polluted beaches in the country – pollutants, bacteria, you name it – you simply would NOT want to sunbathe on this beach!


How To prevent a major sewage problem


There are certainly things that you can do if you don’t want to have sewage backed up into your home and there are a lot of preventative measures that you can take 

However, in the long run, the only way that America is going to get itself out of the mess it finds itself in is to clean up its act and sort out the sewer systems which have been around for so long but simply aren’t up to the job any more – and they sure need to do this fast!